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Learn about the world and things you like, practice your skills, or get some help with school work.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority AMSA KIDS - Games to help you learn about looking after the marine environment. Great for 6+.

CSIRO DIY Science - Try your hand at exciting activities at home or at school using everyday equipment. Mix some slime, build a rocket or make sultanas dance. For kids 8+.

Fun Brain - A collection of fun educational games and activities.

IXL Maths games - Cool Maths games. For all ages.

Making Tracks – National Museum Australia - Making Tracks takes you on a journey through Australian stories that are linked to things in the museum’s collection. There are lots of interesting things to learn, film clips and activities.

My Place - ABC TV’s My Place is based on the TV series and is where you and your family can explore one place on earth and the kids who have lived there since time began. Like the television series and the book, this site is filled with people, places and objects, each with their own special story. It’s a way to have fun with the changing face of time. For kids 10+.

National Museum Australia – Learn & Play - Interactive online pages and activities linked to items in the museum that help you learn more about Australia, especially history, culture and geography. For school-age children.

PBS.org - A cool site for kids with games that help you learn. For up to 8 years.

Pitara Kids Network - Activities and projects for kids to do, make, create and learn. From art and craft activities to quiz and colouring books for kids, this section is for kids who love to experiment with new things. For budding quizmasters, there is Quiz-O-Mania, with quizzes specially designed for kids.

Sesame Street - If you like Sesame Street you will enjoy the fun stuff here that helps you learn.