Early Learning is Fun (ELF)

Early Learning is Fun (ELF) - Berry Street

What is ELF?

Early Learning is Fun is a community initiative that promotes the importance of investing in children in the very earliest stages of life.

Research shows that birth to five are the optimum years for language development and for young children foundational literacy skills are primarily developed within a context (Barratt-Pugh, 2000) that involves participation in a range of family and community oriented activities.

ELF encourages and supports parents to read, talk, sing and play with their children from birth.

ELF recognises that learning is a social process that it takes place in relationships between children and families and families and communities. The better the relationship, the better the outcomes for children.

Through print based resources, ELF supports parents and carers to understand that with their active support, children’s learning can be enriched and the child-caregiver bond strengthened.

ELF works with local communities to develop and deliver activities and resources that support young children’s learning in a range of family and community settings.

ELF Activities

ELF activities encourage parents to connect with their children every day: to read stories with them, to talk with them, to sing songs and nursery rhymes with them, and to play with them.

ELF activities have included, but are not limited to:

ELF Packs - usually distributed through Maternal & Child Health, they provide parents and carers with relevant learning and literacy information for them to share with their children.

ELF Book Boxes - donated books are freely available in brightly painted ELF boxes that are located in local businesses and community venues.

ELF Community Event - a whole of community activity celebrating the joy of learning.