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Rainbow Tick

Girl and boy linking hands

Berry Street’s family violence services are proud to have received Rainbow Tick accreditation. This means that we have improved our systems and processes so that our workplace culture, practice and service delivery are welcoming, safe and inclusive for all LGBTIQ+ people.

We have implemented several initiatives as part of Rainbow Tick accreditation for our family violence services. Our work has included:

  • redeveloping our Service Statement to ensure that our specialist family violence services are safe, welcoming and inclusive of people from the LGBTIQ+ community
  • updating our intake processes so that we ask question about your gender identity and sexual orientation
  • reviewing our Family Violence Services charter to be inclusive of LGBTIQ+ service users
  • training and development for staff to ensure safe and inclusive engagement of and support for LGBTIQ+ service users
  • reviewing our policies to support LGBTIQ+ staff and service users
  • participation in the Midsumma Festival Pride March and the ChillOut Festival.

We value your feedback so that we can continue to improve how we work.

To find out more about Rainbow Tick, go to Rainbow Health Victoria: Rainbow Tick.