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Joanne Olsen

Senior Training of the Berry Street Education Model Joanne Olsen
Senior Consultant (VIC), Berry Street Education Model

Joanne Olsen

Master of Science (English Education) | Bachelor Arts (English) | Certificate in Positive Education

Joanne brings an international lens to the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM), having extensive experience with education systems in both New York City and Singapore, prior to her arrival in Australia in 2019. Her area of expertise is teaching literacy in junior secondary schools, where she also coached sport and coordinated school-wide wellbeing programs.

Through Jo’s 12 years of classroom, coaching, and leadership experience in the public and private school sectors, she has developed a passion for supporting school staff in using trauma-informed strategies so that schools can become places for healing and growth for all young people.

As a result of her experiences across the world, Jo deeply values developing culturally responsive curricula that honours and celebrates diverse backgrounds, experiences, and strengths. With the Berry Street Education Model, she hopes to continue her personal commitment to making schools better for all young people.