Help make Christmas a Magical time

Buy a gift online and help provide a Magical Christmas

for those who need it most

Berry Christmas Appeal

All around Victoria, there are children and families who really need our help...

Children like six year old Ben, who together with his mum and sister, have been living in their car to escape family violence. Ben is worried that Santa won’t know where to find them this year.

Buy a gift online and help make Christmas a magical time for children like Ben.

Help kids like Ben
Donate now, and help Santa ‘find’ kids like Ben this Christmas

Ben needs your help

Six year old Ben is just one of many children and young people across Victoria who face so much abuse and violence, it won’t be safe for them to stay at home this Christmas.

"Will Santa come this year?… he won’t know where to find us" - Ben

Can't decide on a gift?

Your donation will help kids like Ben this Christmas.
Can help provide care and support to a child affected by abuse, violence and neglect
Can help pay for training for foster carers, so we can move more distressed children into safe homes this Christmas
Can go towards therapy and counselling so an abused child like Ben can recover and reach their full potential
Or - your own choice

The impact of your donation will:

Help purchase gifts for vulnerable children and young people

Bring some joy into the lives of children that can’t live at home

Share the spirit of Christmas with children and young people in need

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support Berry Christmas?

Bringing the spirit of Christmas into the lives of vulnerable children and young people couldn’t be easier.  By selecting one of our online gifts, you will be ensuring that the gift your give is the right one.
100% of all donations will be used to support children and young people who have suffered violence, abuse and neglect.

How is Berry Christmas different this year?

This Christmas we are asking supporters to choose a gift online, which will allow our staff and carers to purchase personalised gifts for children and young people who have been affected by violence and abuse.
Personalised gifts for these children and young people are so important in terms of making them feel special and loved, and for many of them, the gift they receive from Berry Street may be the only one they receive this Christmas.
By purchasing a gift online, you ensure that our staff and carers can match gifts to the specific needs and Christmas wishes of the children and young people who need our help. 

How will the children and young people be supported at Christmas?

Through your donation, the person closest to the child (Berry Street Worker, Foster Carer, or Parent) will be able to choose the most appropriate gift for them. In some cases, particularly with adolescents, their one wish is to receive a store voucher to choose a gift themselves, something their peers are frequently able to enjoy.

Can you tell me what the children and young people want so I can donate a physical gift I have bought myself?

We are moving away from the ‘traditional’ gift appeal so that we are able to provide a personalised gift for the children and young people in our care. Because of the nature of the children and young people we work with it is difficult to get all of their ‘wishes’. Through your donation the person closest to the child will be able to purchase that special something and deliver it on your behalf.

100% of all donations go towards buying gifts for the Berry Christmas Appeal

Berry Street Victoria Incorporated (ABN 24 719 196 762) is a public benevolent institution with endorsement as a Deductible Gift Recipient issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Berry Street is also a Tax Concession Charity, holding income tax exemption under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, and is a Registered Charity with Consumer Affairs Victoria (Number 10925.12). Thanks to the volunteer models who appear in our images to protect the identity of our clients. Names in client stories have been changed also in the interest of protection and privacy.