David's Story

David was exposed to horrific family violence for all his young life. The damaging effects were profound. The only way David knew how to communicate his pain was through violence and as a result he was excluded from school. 

David was finally removed from the violence and came to live in a Berry Street residential home. It took him a long time to trust adults again. Our staff had to repeatedly show David that we would never give up on him.

It was a long journey, but after developing strong relationships with the team supporting him, David felt safe, for the first time in his life. Three years later, David attends school full-time. He also has a part-time job, has been praised for his work ethic, and volunteers for young people with disabilities. David now believes that he is worthwhile, and has something to offer others. 


Help young people like David

Help young people like David
At Berry Street we care for over 260 traumatised young people through our Residential Care program. 

Berry Street cares for more than 260 children and young people in 28 residential care units across Victoria.

The children and young people who come into care have had extremely traumatic childhoods, more than most of us can imagine.

Their world is a chaotic and scary place, and they need intensive support and a tailored response to help them make sense of the world and recover.

Help young people like David:

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.

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