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Berry Street are delighted to partner with Dr Clark Baim and the Family Relations Institute (Miami, USA and Reggio Emilia, Italy) to offer this unique online learning experience.

In order to be considered to undertake the course you will first need to complete a course application. For more information visit the Application Process page on the course website and follow the instructions. Places on the course are limited so we advise you to submit your applications as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Applications close: 3 February 2023.

This course teaches discourse analysis for the AAI, for normative and (mild) out-patient clinical applications of the AAI, using the DMM method. There is coding work between each block and a requirement to submit three AAIs carried out by the course participant, and a reliability test following the course (if you qualify). This work must be completed to receive certificates for administering and coding AAIs. An advanced ‘Week 4’ clinical course will be offered later for more serious clinical and forensic applications.

Learning outcomes

The Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM) approach to the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) is both a useful research tool and a potential guide for professionals working with psychopathology.

Students will learn new ways to conceptualise disturbed development and ways to identify adult distortions of the mental processing of information, particularly information relevant to disorders of feelings, thought and behaviour. The techniques for interpreting speech can be useful even if the professional does not formally use the interview itself in practice.

For those interested in research applications, the 18-day training is usually sufficient to establish reliability on the major classifications and subclassifications.

Who should attend?

Professionals in the mental health, social care, criminal justice, education, research and voluntary sectors and related professions can all benefit greatly from the course – as will their colleagues and service users.

The course is at an advanced level, suitable for post-qualified professionals. The course is also suitable for PhD and masters level researchers and academics.

Participants with experience of working directly with people are best suited to the course, because of their practical experience of listening and responding to spoken discourse.

More Information

Detailed information can be found on the course website. A free information session, with Clark Baim, will be held on Thursday 15 December from 6pm – 7pm (AEDT).


Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Block 6
Block 1
20-22 April
Block 2
22 - 24 June
Block 3
27 - 29 July
Block 4
7-9 September
Block 5
26 - 28 October
Block 6
7 - 9 December

Course fees

Total Course Fee: $5,400 (incl. GST)

The course fee covers 18-days dedicated online training days with Dr Clark Baim, feedback on participants AAIs, practice transcripts between sessions, ZOOM tutorials to discuss transcripts and the reliability test in 2024 (should you qualify).

Payment details

The total course fee is payable to Berry Street through our online registration and payment system. Credit Card and Direct Deposit payments will be accepted.

All students MUST pay 100% of the course fee before the 30 March 2023, there will be no exceptions.

Once you are offered a place on the course (see application process for more information) you will be required to register by 27 February 2023 to secure your place and finalise payment by 30 March 2023 to confirm your course place.

Please note: The course may not proceed if minimum numbers are not met. A decision will be made and communicated no later than 2 March 2023.

Should the course not proceed all payments received by Berry Street will be refunded in full.

clark baim

Clark Baim, PhD

Master of Education | Diploma of Psychodrama Psychotherapy