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We know that all students, particularly our vulnerable students need strategies to increase their wellbeing towards academic success.

The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) is based on classroom strategies informed by Berry Street's approaches to trauma-informed learning and the science of wellbeing. It has been designed by teachers and education leaders FOR whole school staff.

Over 35,000 Australian school teachers from more than 2000 schools have undertaken the BSEM program. In addition, AusVELs data at the primary school where BSEM was piloted, suggested that the program contributed to more than two years learning in one academic year.

We are all about strategies and recognise the importance of strategies which are consistent across an entire school. These student-centred strategies provide teachers, leaders, and allied education professionals with the knowledge of how to foster student willingness and capacity for school achievement. Throughout our training, we provide a robust toolkit of strategies that:

  • teachers can implement with students; and
  • ensure a consistent approach to implementation, teacher feedback and support.

BSEM will help to prepare teachers to meet the needs of vulnerable students by:

  • understanding the impacts of trauma on the child, the family, and the intergenerational systems that surround the child,
  • considering the effects of vicarious trauma, and
  • exercising a multidisciplinary approach to the role of the teacher in the trauma-informed classroom, and to their therapeutic relationship with the child.
  • to gain an in depth understanding of the Berry Street Education Model, please join us for one of our four day training courses.

The Berry Street Education Model training is aimed at:

  • Teachers
  • Lead Teachers
  • Curriculum Leaders / Assistant Principals
  • School Leaders
  • Allied Education / Health Professionals (Tutors, Occupational Therapists, Wellbeing workers, Social Workers, Case Managers)

Each day of the course will run from 9:00am - 3:30pm.


  • Day 1 Body: Tuesday 7 March 2023
  • Day 2: Wednesday 8 March 2023
  • Day 3: Stamina & Engagement Thursday 4 May 2023
  • Day 4: Character Friday 5 May 2023

The BSEM 4 Day Course will be available across multiple dates and locations. See all upcoming courses or email to learn more.

If you are interested in a Whole School Course onsite at your school email us at for a detailed quote.


Four day course fees: $880 per person (including GST)

Please read our payment terms and conditions.


Registration will be open until Tuesday 1 March 2023 unless sold out prior.

The Berry Street Education Model is a four day course during which participants will learn classroom and whole-school strategies to promote an understanding of the FIVE DOMAINS of our Model. What is covered within each of these domains is included below.

Day 1 - BODY

Building school-wide rhythms and body-regulation through a focus on physical and emotional regulation of the stress response and de-escalation in school and classroom contexts.

  • from a developmentally neurosequential perspective, designing and delivering curriculum that promotes academic performance, wellbeing and future pathways
  • acknowledging trauma's impact on the body, on the stress response, and on learning; specifically, helping students to self-regulate to a heart rate of around 80 beats per minute
  • offering opportunities throughout the day for students to elect individualised time to both co-regulate and self-regulate emotions, reactivity and impulses
  • using rhythmic, predictable, and consistent timetables for lessons, weeks and the school year
  • providing opportunities for mindful practice.


Increasing relational capacities in staff and students through attachment and attunement principles with specific relationship strategies for difficult to engage young people.

  • staff/student connections built on attachment principles of unconditional positive regard and positive emotion
  • foundations of safety, tolerance and respect
  • teaching social and emotional intelligence
  • friendship and teamwork
  • strategies to build lasting, strong relationships by increasing positivity rations within relationships.

Day 3 - (Part 1) STAMINA

Creating a strong culture of independence for academic tasks by nurturing resilience and emotional intelligence.

  • strategies to build emotional intelligence, personal resilience, frustration tolerance and self-regulation
  • growing the stamina for attention and strategies for managing distraction
  • structures to support group affiliation
  • encouraging growth mindsets for academic learning and accomplishment
  • developing passion for learning and the persistence to follow through.

Day 3 - (Part 2) ENGAGEMENT

Employing engagement strategies that build willingness in struggling students.

  • understanding the pathways to complete engagement through flow activities
  • active engagement, including flexible timetabling, hands on activities and multiple learning modalities
  • broadening, building and savouring positive emotions
  • building motivation through healthy play and fun
  • sparking curiosity and interest through real world application, vocational pathways, problem solving and investigation.


Harnessing a values and a character strengths approach to enable successful student self-knowledge which leads to empowered future pathways.

  • helping students articulate their own values
  • finding personal meaning in those values and extending that meaning to include others
  • understanding self and others in the context of culture and community
  • identifying personal strengths and practicing those strengths
  • exploring strengths through stories, narratives, metaphors and heroes/paragons of particular strengths
  • cultivating attunement through tolerance and respect for others' character strengths
  • understanding and employing character strengths for future pathways.

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A confirmation and tax invoice will be issued automatically upon registration to your nominated email address.

Please be advised if payment or cancellation notification is not received as per the above terms and conditions your ability to attend future event will be impacted.

A full refund will be issued for cancellations up until 7 business days prior to the first day of the course. No refunds will be issued after this date however substitutions are welcome. Please note there are no shared registrations available.

Should the Berry Street Education Team cancel a course for any reason, those registered at this time will be entitled to a full refund of registration fees only, and this will incur no administrative charges or penalties.

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