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This interactive workshop will provide you with all the necessary information and skills to run 'I Care 2' groups in your foster or kinship care program. Participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the course, learn the benefits of supporting the children of carers and be supported to establish your own groups.

'I Care 2' is a preparation and training course for the children of families who wish to foster. The program has been developed to better equip the children of carers with the responsibilities associated with caring. In this one-day workshop, potential group leaders will learn about the 'I Care 2' training course from our two most experienced 'I Care 2' group facilitators.

Participants will also learn about the 'Hold My Hand' support group. This group provides the children of foster and kinship carers with an ongoing opportunity to share with and relate to others just like them.

Workshop outline

At the completion of this training you will be competent to run 'I Care 2' groups. The training will cover:

  • an overview of 'I Care 2' and 'Hold My Hand', including its aims and values
  • course practicalities, including how the groups are structured, the materials you'll need, the style of sessions, preparation and choosing the right location for your group
  • how to establish a group
  • the basics of group work, including an understanding of group dynamics
  • facilitation skills to maximize engagement of the children and young people in your groups, including expectations of facilitators and co-facilitation
  • an overview of the 'Hold My Hand' support group.

Participants will also receive a copy of the 'I Care 2' Training Manual, including Facilitator's Guide, Hand Out Resource Guide, Games Toolkit, Support Booklet, Evaluation Forms and a disc including all training documents.

Time & cost

Date: Wednesday 23 June
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Cost: Early bird, register and pay before 26 May: $315.00 (incl. GST)
Full rate: $335.00 (incl. GST)

Who Should Attend?

This course is relevant for anyone working in the foster and kinship care system. You should attend if you are interested in facilitating 'I Care 2' groups in your foster or kinship care program.


1 Salisbury Street, Richmond VIC 3121

Why focus on the children of carers?

The children of foster and kinship carers have a unique relationship in the fostering experience and are often not recognised or rewarded for their contribution. Research shows that children and young people of carers respond in a range of ways when a child comes into their home.

In bringing the children of carers together in 'I Care 2' and 'Hold My Hand' training and support groups, staff agencies have had great success in building their capacity to play a strong role in the care experience. In building the capacity and resilience of these children, we in turn build the capacity of the broader caring system. We also know that where there has been a positive family experience in fostering, many of these children may become carers in the future.

Payment terms & conditions

Payment MUST be made by credit card at the time of registration (VISA and Mastercard will be accepted) . Your registration will not be confirmed unless payment has been processed. A confirmation/tax invoice will be issued upon registration to your nominated email address.

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