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We are proud to continue our partnership with Robert Tucker, Honorary Associate of Berry Street, and Director of RGT Training & Consultancy based in the UK. Robert is an internationally renowned specialist working with children, young people and families where there are concerns about sexual abuse and inappropriate or harmful sexual behaviours.

Robert will be delivering a range of webinars for Education staff working in a school setting and for general practitioners. For a full list of Robert’s sessions click here.


This webinar is one in a series of webinars intended for professionals and caregivers working and caring for children and young people who display concerning sexual behaviour.

This session is targeted at those working or caring for pre-pubescent children. There are separate sessions specifically targeted to working with adolescents, whilst there is an overlap of content they are focused on specific age groups.

This introductory webinar will help participants identify the differences between age-expected and problematic sexual behaviour, when to seek specialist support and considers possible causes in the development of problematic or harmful sexual behaviour. There is a further webinar called ‘Beyond the Basics: sexual behaviour problems in pre-pubescent children’ which considers issues relating treatment, therapeutic care and risk management focusing on children.

Please note: there are separate sessions specifically targeted at education staff working in a school setting.

Learning outcomes

  • To help participants consider and identify the differences between healthy, age-expected, and problematic sexual behaviour in pre-pubescent children
  • To identify criteria participants can use to evaluate a child’s sexual behaviour and identify when there is a need to consult or refer to specialist agencies
  • To identify how to respond to sexual behaviour in a supportive and positive way (initial responses)
  • To identify why children display problematic or harmful sexual behaviour – ideas as to causation
  • To help participants understand the purpose of the behaviour and what needs are being met for the child
  • To highlight some of the common facts and myths in this area.

Who should attend?

Professionals and caregivers working and caring for pre-pubescent children who display concerning sexual behaviour.

Cost & time

This event will be delivered from 8am - 11am (AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Cost: $215 (inc GST)

Payment terms & conditions

Payment MUST be made by credit card at the time of registration (VISA and Mastercard will be accepted). Your registration will not be confirmed unless payment has been processed.

A confirmation/tax invoice will be issued upon registration to your nominated email address.

A full refund will be issued for cancellations up until 3 working days prior to the webinar. No refunds will be issued after this date however substitutions are welcome.

Should Berry Street cancel a webinar for any reason, those registered at this time will be entitled to a full refund of registration fees.

PLEASE NOTE: For privacy reasons webinars will not be recorded nor can they be recorded by an attendee.

Loved it!!! Very practical and common-sense approach to looking at and intervening with children displaying sexual behaviours.

Past participant
Social Work Consultant Robert Tucker

Robert Tucker

BSc | CQSW & Diploma in Applied Social Studies, Social Work

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