The difference your monthly gift will make

When you become a monthly Berry Street supporter you are enabling our dedicated teams to plan ahead to provide services to children who need it most.
Your monthly donations ensure that maximum funds go directly to children and families in need. You are also a part of an exceptional group of people who believe all children should have a good childhood.
You can help stop child abuse, provide safety and help a child recover by making a monthly gift to Berry Street today.

Yes! I will help Berry Street children

BerrySafe - Eve's Story

I would like to help stop child abuse, neglect and trauma by becoming a supporter and making a monthly gift.

Your gift will be charged monthly in the first week of the month.

Sadly, incidents are increasing in Australia, with one in three* children suffering some sort of abuse.

Children can be harmed through physical, emotional or sexual abuse and when their basic needs aren’t met. Being ‘on alert’ or frightened can become a way of life.

This effects their brain development and means they can fail to meet critical developmental milestones, which has life-long impacts.

How can I help stop child abuse and help a child recover?

For as little as a $1 per day your gift can do so much to help children be safe.

  • A safe place to live — With your support we can work with families, extended families and foster carers to create a safe place to live. Together we can also provide homes for young people who live with our support workers.
  • Ongoing care and learning opportunities — Through your vital monthly gift we can work with children and their families to help overcome their trauma. We will make certain that the children in our care get all the help they deserve at school.
  • A chance to have some fun — Your ongoing assistance will help children and young people learn to trust again, build their confidence and skills and foster lasting friendships.

Be a part of Berry Street

As a monthly Berry Street supporter, you will receive:
  • The satisfaction of knowing that because of you and all of our other supporters, young lives are being protected, frightened children reassured, fragile hearts repaired.
  • Inspiring stories of children who now have a sense of security and opportunity in their lives.
  • A Welcome Pack and regular reports from the Berry Street team.
  • A tax deductible receipt each July for all your gifts throughout the financial year.
  • Invitations to special events just for you, to learn about Berry Street and how your gift makes a difference.

Eve's Story

All it takes is love and security to transform a little girl like Eve.

Eve’s childhood up to the age of six was not what any child should have to endure. She woke screaming and wet as she relived the traumas of her early years, where violence and neglect were commonplace. Her frail body showed the ravages of a life where safety didn’t exist, and meals and hygiene were secondary, if thought of at all.Eve’s foster family has given her security, love and all the support and encouragement they can. Her journey has been a heart breaking one but she’s now starting to recover.

Thanks to Berry Street supporters, Eve and countless children like her can look forward to being a child, having fun and feeling safe.