Workplace Giving

Your regular contributions ensure Berry Street receives regular funding to continue our work with vulnerable children and young people. 

This simple and yet powerful form of giving also reduces your taxable income and when your employers match the donations, the impact is doubled.

This easy to set up program enables employers to demonstrate their commitment to the community by establishing a simple process for employees to make regular charitable donations from their pre-tax income, resulting in an automatic tax reduction for the individual.

How workplace giving helps

Your contributions will help us to provide a range of programs to support vulnerable kids. 

$5 per pay

can help a child experience a positive memory

$10 per pay

can help buy educational toys and resources for our therapeutic play programs

$20 per pay

can help a child learn to read through our early learning program 

$50 per pay

can help support a young person to reach their academic potential through our alternative education programs

$100 per pay 

can help send a young person on a life-changing, therapeutic wilderness camp.

How workplace giving works

  1. Your employer decides to set up a workplace giving program
  2. Your workplace promotes the Berry Street workplace giving program and encourages employees to participate (We can provide you with ideas and materials on how to communicate the program)
  3. Individuals fill in a form, or go online via an internal portal, to nominate the amount of money they would like to donate from their pre-tax income
  4. The stipulated donation amount is deducted from the individual’s salary as a pre-tax amount via the usual payroll process
  5. The payroll manager tallies the total contributions from employees and deposits these regularly to Berry Street
  6. Berry Street provides the organisation with an annual statement of contributions at the end of each financial year
  7. Berry Street provides interested employees with access to a half yearly newsletter containing updates on Berry Street programs and initiatives

Benefits to employees 

Workplace giving is an efficient and tax-effective way to support Berry Street, with donations made directly from an individual’s pre-tax pay.

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible and individual taxable income is reduced straight away. For example, if an individual earning $100 per week donates $10 per week through workplace giving, the individual will only be taxed on $90. This means the donation costs the individual less than the actual amount donated and the charity receives a higher amount than if the donation was made post-tax.

Workplace giving also allows people the flexibility to start and stop donations at any time as well as being able to change the amount of the donation at any stage.

Benefits to employers 

Workplace giving provides employers with a cost-effective way of demonstrating their commitment to supporting charitable organisations while at the same time providing their employees with a tax-effective and simple process through which to donate.

Many organisations also choose to match the workplace giving contributions from their employees as this is an easy and tax effective way for employers to show their commitment to Berry Street.


Individual donation per month

Cost to individual per month

Charity receives per month

Individual workplace giving donation (no matching from business) 




Individual workplace giving donation (dollar-for-dollar matching from business)




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