Once upon a time...

This isn’t once upon a time, this is right now, in Australia…

This is the story of how family violence and trauma are often passed from one generation to the next. If we don’t work to break this violent cycle with early intervention, the stories of children like Elly can end the same way they began – with trauma.



Help break the cycle of violence and trauma for children like Elly

Elly is only eight years old, but her story begins long before that, with her parents. Her parents themselves were victims of trauma, and research shows that her life could head in the same direction. We need your help to provide specialised therapy and support to families like Elly’s. 
With your support, we can work to break the cycle of trauma so that Elly can have a happier future, one she can only dream about now.

"Elly loves reading magical fairy tales because she can escape to a faraway world inside her own head.”

Your gift can help children like Elly when they need it most.

Your generosity can enable Berry Street to help break the cycle of violence and trauma for more families like Elly’s.