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Five domains of BSEM teacher practice

teacher talking to a student

Building blocks to achieve academic and personal growth

The five domains of the Berry Street Education Model correspond with child-development capacities that each student must grow in order to be ‘ready to learn’. When considering how to best meet the needs of students, we focus on building self-regulatory ability, relational capacity and then nurture wellbeing and willingness to engage in learning.

Multi coloured semi circles


Increasing students’ capacity for physical and emotional regulation of the stress response, de-escalation and focus.

Green and orange geometric squares


Nurturing on-task learning through relational classroom management strategies.

Geometric multi coloured rectangles


Creating a culture of academic persistence by nurturing resilience, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset.

Geometric coloured cube


Motivating students with strategies that increase their willingness to learn.

Multi coloured geometric shapes


Harnessing a values and character strengths approach for learning and future pathways.

Working together, BSEM helps schools strengthen their whole-school approach to build consistency and predictability across all classrooms throughout the school.

A great way to learn more about our approach is to pick up your own copy of Creating Trauma-Informed Strengths Based Classrooms written by BSEM co-authors as an accessible introduction to start enacting some of our strategies to increase student engagement and learning.

Learn how to get started with the BSEM course at your school.