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BSEM foundation course

BSEM Foundational Course

Our Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) four-day course is the foundational training you need to create classrooms where every student is ready to learn and able to thrive.

This educational model is absolutely outstanding! It absolutely changed my day-to-day application... as a teacher, and as a parent!


Foundation course participants are provided with a toolkit of 100+ student-centred strategies that can be shared with your students immediately to ensure a consistent approach to implementation across your school.

Whole school training

Interested in bringing BSEM training to your site as a whole-school approach? Talk to one of our business consultants today. 

Please note that our pricing structure offers significant per person savings for large groups.

Public course

Attend one of our Four Day Courses offered in various cities and online. Visit our event calendar to find a training course in your area.

Who should attend this course?

Our foundation course is suitable for:

  • teachers
  • lead teachers
  • curriculum leaders and assistant principals
  • school leaders
  • allied education and health professionals (such as tutors, occupational therapists, wellbeing workers, social workers and case managers)
  • system-wide and education peak body leaders.

What will you learn?

The model shows you how to help students by:

  • understanding the impacts of trauma on child development and the ability to learn
  • creating a supportive and trauma-informed positive education classroom
  • bolstering student-teacher relationships
  • instilling strengths-based practices across the school.

Engaging, wholesome and relatable. This was one of the best professional development sessions I have been to and cannot wait for a whole school approach to BSEM [to be implemented] at my school.


Course structure

Our four-day course is arranged around the five Berry Street Education Model domains:

  • Day 1: Body – How to help your students to regulate their stress response, de-escalate in school and classroom contexts and provide strategies for increased focus.
  • Day 2: Relationship – Positive relational classroom management strategies that promote on-task learning
  • Day 3: Stamina – How to create a culture of academic persistence in your classroom by nurturing student resilience, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset. Engagement – How to motivate students with strategies that increase their willingness to learn
  • Day 4: Character – How to harness our values and character strengths approach for effective learning and for future pathways.

The five domains correspond with child-development capacities that each student must grow in order to be ‘ready to learn’. When considering how to best meet the needs of students, we focus on building self-regulatory ability and relational capacity, and then nurture wellbeing and willingness to engage in learning.

Learning gains after implementing BSEM are particularly significant for students who have previously struggled to achieve, reporting up to two years of literacy growth in just one academic year.

Professor Helen Stokes Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, 2022

Online and in-person learning options

Our public courses (suitable for groups or individuals) are offered as both in-person and online opportunities for educators to learn.

Interested in bringing the Berry Street Education Model to your workplace as a whole-school approach? Please contact us using the form below.

In-person course

Our face-to-face foundation course includes:

  • four in-person group training sessions
  • facilitation by an expert instructor
  • strategies to pilot learned strategies back at your school
  • ongoing support from your facilitator between sessions, including (optional) individual consultation
  • set of four course books covering the five domains to support your learning.

Online course

Our virtual foundation course includes:

  • 12 online group training sessions (four days comprising of 3 x 90-minute sessions per day)
  • facilitation by an expert instructor
  • strategies to pilot learned strategies back at your school
  • support from your facilitator between sessions, including (optional) individual consultation
  • set of books covering the 5 domains to support your learning.

Course pricing

Discounts are available for whole-of-school training. Our pricing structure can offer significant economies of scale to large groups of participants.

Please note: you need to make a payment when you register for a course. We accept credit cards only. Please ensure you have read the training and events payment terms and conditions before registering. Contact us to discuss other payment options.

Further training opportunities

Once you have completed the foundation course you can:

Contact us

Contact our friendly team if you have any questions about getting started with the Berry Street Education Model in your school. Visit our event calendar to find a training course in your area.

Phone: (03) 9421 7538
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