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BSEM masterclasses

BSEM Masterclasses

Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) masterclasses are suitable for those who want to build on the knowledge gained from our four-day BSEM foundation course.

Drawing on our expert knowledge of implementation science, our range of masterclasses will refresh and extend your knowledge and enable you to build upon the positive impacts of BSEM year after year.

Our masterclasses are anchored in practice. We will share with you tangible strategies that work in real classrooms and will support you to further the gains in student wellbeing and achievement following the 4-day BSEM foundation course.

Led by our expert training team, each masterclass has a different focus and is delivered in a group training format.

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Masterclasses overview

Berry Street Education Model masterclasses build on the content and strategies from the 4-day BSEM foundation training. Offered as whole school training, or as a public course for individuals, BSEM masterclasses provide strategies and tools to support a trauma-informed, strengths-based approach.

Berry Street Education leadership

Hosted by Dr Tom Brunzell for educational leaders who are implementing Berry Street Education Model, this two-day course provides strategies and capacity building for leadership teams. Participants will learn how to integrate trauma-informed goals into your own school’s strategic annual improvement plan (AIP) to bolster student achievement and engagement, and enhance collective teacher efficacy in trauma-informed teaching and learning. Please note all participants must complete the 4-day Berry Street Education Model training prior to enrolment.

Disability and inclusion

Disability and inclusion practices to support diverse learning needs benefit all students. This Berry Street Education Model masterclass explores best practices in special and inclusive education. Focus areas include disability and inclusion frameworks, communication and sensory processing needs, inclusive stamina tools, and support for students who receive adjustments. 

Trauma-informed, culturally responsive practices

Culturally responsive practices can empower educators to meet the diverse cultural strengths and needs of their students. This masterclass will explore the ways that Berry Street Education Model trauma-informed strategies can be deepened to account for students’ rich cultural lives and provides tools to proactively co-create spaces to support individuals and address systemic bias.

Education support staff masterclass

Education support staff members hold an important role for learning and engagement at school. Supporting students using consistent, predictable routines is key to the implementation of trauma-informed, strength-based practices. Contextualised for classroom-based education support staff, this Berry Street Education Model masterclass offers practical strategies to develop students' independent learning skills.

Please note the BSEM foundation training is not a prerequisite for this masterclass.

Understanding and responding to adverse behaviour

Students who present with behaviours of concern need specialised and targeted supports. This Berry Street Education Model masterclass offers practical, trauma-informed positive behaviour strategies to meet complex unmet needs and maintain focus on the growth and development of all young people.

Restorative practices and fair consequences

This masterclass explores how Berry Street Education Model strategies can support school-wide systems towards restorative practice and fair consequences. We aim to ensure these systems are consistently enacted by staff and viewed as fair for all in the school community. Learn strategies to ensure your students feel confident to engage in their learning when they feel a sense of safety, fairness, and security at school.

Implementing Berry Street Education Model strategies

The effectiveness of the Berry Street Education Model can be enhanced with well-supported implementation. This masterclass demonstrates how to begin implementation of BSEM towards embedding and sustaining your BSEM practice for long-term school improvement.

Family and carer engagement

Improving engagement with families and carers enhances family-school partnerships in the service of learning. This masterclass focusses on strategies to build educator and school capacity for working effectively with families and carers to build successful and sustained partnerships.


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