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Berry Street is excited to announce that our own Dr Tom Brunzell and Dr Jacolyn Norrish have just published their new book Creating Trauma-Informed Strengths-Based Classrooms which provides practical every-day strategies for teachers to integrate trauma-informed practice, wellbeing and positive psychology to support all students, with focus on those most vulnerable.

Tom and Jacolyn have drawn upon the last decade of emerging research and build upon their fellow co-authors of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). Their new book provides practical strategies to increase students’ engagement with learning and with their school communities.

This new book is an essential guide for teachers, wellbeing staff, school leadership teams and allied education professionals.

The book is available now through our own Berry Street website and from booksellers worldwide.*

We encourage you to pick up your own copy and to share the new book with the staff in your school community and beyond.

Read more in our conversation with Tom and Jacolyn.

*Books sold on our website include shipping costs. Berry Street can provide bulk discounts for schools wishing to buy multiple copies for staff. Please contact us directly at