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Berry Street’s Take Two program has produced a free new practice paper to support others working with trauma-impacted infants.

Our 'Principles for trauma-informed practice with infants and young children' resource provides an overview of some of the guiding principles that inform infant mental health work in the context of trauma, family violence and complex systems.

The guide is written for professionals working with infants and young children whose development and day-to-day functioning has been significantly impacted by abuse, family violence, neglect and other adverse experiences.

These professionals may include case managers, clinicians, therapists and those in direct caregiving roles including early childhood educators.

The paper is intended to support trauma-informed practice with infants and the adults who are caring for them.

Take Two are holding a full-day online training session ‘Trauma-Informed Practice with Infants and their Caregivers’ on 23 May and a 'free hour-long Clinical Conversation webinar' about infant mental health on 1 June.

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About Take Two

Berry Street’s Take Two program is a therapeutic service helping address the developmental trauma and mental health impacts on children after abuse, neglect and family violence.