Restoring Childhood

Restoring Childhood is a program with a focus on healing trauma for children and young people who have experienced family violence.

Restoring Childhood is an early intervention service. We know that addressing childhood trauma as soon as possible is the best way of reducing its long-term effects.

We support the child or young person’s emotional and developmental wellbeing. Where needed we help the child and their safe parent or carer make sense of the traumatic impacts of family violence on them.

Using a range of clinical approaches, we help parents, children and young people repair their relationships. We help safe parents and carers understand the child’s experience of the violence, so they can support their children to feel safe again.

Restoring Childhood is a child-focussed program. It combines our trauma and case management experience with our specialist family violence lens. This means we work therapeutically with children and caregivers while keeping their safety front of mind.

How to access Restoring Childhood

Restoring Childhood is delivered in the following areas across Victoria:

Child-friendly materials

If you’d like some information to explain what Restoring Childhood is to children, have a look at these brochures.

PDF icon Restoring Childhood – for kids
PDF icon Restoring Childhood – for adolescents


Restoring Childhood is part of Berry Street’s Take Two therapeutic service and is funded by Family Safety Victoria.