Jodie’s story

Jodie* is only nine years old, yet she has witnessed violence between her parents, and has been physically abused herself on a number of occasions.

Jodie shows significant signs of trauma. Her behaviour is extremely challenging and violent at times, and as a result she has been excluded from school, despite having above average IQ and advanced speech and reading skills.

When we met with Jodie, she described herself as “bad... the kids at school are scared of me... I must be bad.”

After ensuring that Jodie and her mother are safe, Berry Street is working with Jodie in regular therapy to develop a sense of her own self-worth, along with developing a plan with the school for Jodie’s return to full-time attendance.

Jodie is starting to show the signs of emotional healing. She can now express that she is a good person, and is developing social skills, allowing her to make friends for the first time.

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Berry Street helps children heal and recover from the trauma of abuse and neglect through programs such as our Take Two intensive therapeutic program, counselling and outdoor adventure programs.
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*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.

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