Toby, Tom & Adam’s story

Toby* (10) and Tom (8) live with their dad, Adam. Both boys have an intellectual disability. Adam was keen to be the best father he could, but was really struggling with poor housing, isolation and a 26-year addiction to alcohol. Adam was referred to our Family Services program as he knew that unless he made some big changes, it was likely his boys would be removed.

The first step was to get the house in order and set up some routines. We worked very closely with the boys’ school, who were then able to better support them. Adam recently celebrated a year of abstinence from alcohol and family therapy is helping him to understand the impact his behaviour has had on his boys. For the first time since Toby and Tom were born, Adam has a sense of hope for his small family.

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We work to build on families' strengths, to help them understand the impact of the past and to develop new strategies for the future.
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*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.

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