Sophie's Story

Sophie was subjected to chronic physical, sexual and emotional abuse as a child. Due to the abuse her language, literacy and numeracy skills were very delayed. She couldn’t control her behaviour and people often described her behaviour as ‘provocative’ or ‘inappropriate’. Her experiences caused her to seem much older than she is, and she was often very anxious.

Sophie was removed from her parents and placed in a safe environment with foster carers. One of the biggest challenges for her carers was understanding the impact of the chaos and instability in Sophie’s life. Her challenging behaviour was based on fear: a direct result of the ongoing trauma she had experienced. 

Sophie’s carers have been trained in therapeutic support, giving her the best chance to heal and recover. It hasn’t been easy, but Sophie’s carers have seen her grow and begin to trust them. Through Berry Street and her loving foster carersSophie has been given the opportunity to be a child again and is thriving.

Help children like Sophie

Berry Street provides training and support for over 200 Foster Care and Kinship Care households across Victoria, but many more are needed.

In Victoria the rate of children in out-of-home care is higher than the national average for Australia.

Since 2011, this rate has increased by 50.9% in Victoria.

Last year 776 children and young people were cared for through Berry Street by 444 carers. Many more are needed.

Help children like Sophie:
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