Help find little children like Thomas a safe home


So many children are missing out on the love and attention they desperately need during those vital first years of childhood. Neglect and abuse crushes their spirit and hopes, their self-worth, and their capacity for growth.

With your help, Berry Street can make a difference for children like Thomas. Our motto is ‘We Never Give Up’, and we are determined to help every child who comes to us needing care.


Thomas needs your help

Help kids like Thomas
Give children like Thomas the childhood they deserve

When Thomas was removed from his home, he was deeply traumatised. His little body was covered in bruises, and he was too terrified to look people in the eye.

Thomas was not safe at home. He lived every day with shocking physical and emotional abuse. And he was left alone for hours at a time, with no cuddles to comfort him, or toys to stimulate him. Thomas missed out on so many of the things he needed to learn, form trusting relationships, and grow into a happy, healthy boy.

"The neglect and abuse Thomas suffered had a massive impact on his physical and emotional development."

– Julie, Thomas’ Berry Street Caseworker

You can make a difference for children like Thomas

Your kindness is vital to making children like Thomas safe, and helping them recover from the pain and fear caused by violence, abuse and neglect.
Can go towards Welcome to Care Kits, to ease the fear and trauma of little children who are taken into our care
Will help support children dealing with complex psychological and emotional issues so they can reach their full potential
Can help pay for training and support for foster carers, so we can provide safe homes for more distressed children
Or your own amount

How your donation works


A safe, loving home

Your support will train and support our amazing foster families, who care for hurt and frightened children.


Thomas 2

A chance to recover

Your kindness will provide opportunities for children and young people to connect with other children and adults so they can develop safe, positive relationships.

Thomas 3

Help with learning & development

Your gift to Berry Street will help give a child extra support so they can catch up on the learning they’ve missed out on.

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