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Restoring Childhood

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Restoring Childhood is part of Berry Street's Take Two therapeutic service. It focuses on supporting children and young people to recover from family violence.

Our approach

Family violence can affect babies, children, young people and adults in different ways. Professional support can assist them to recover.

Family violence is not one particular experience. It may include different forms of abuse, control and/or violence. Learn more about what family violence is.

Restoring Childhood is an early intervention service focused on the baby, child or young person. Addressing childhood trauma as soon as possible is the best way of reducing its long-term effects.

We provide trauma-informed therapeutic care for victim survivor families.

Where needed we help the child or children and their safe caregiver make sense of the traumatic impacts of family violence on them.

We use a range of clinical approaches to help caregivers understand the child’s experience of the violence, so they can support their children to feel safe again.

Child-friendly information

If you’d like some information to explain what Restoring Childhood is to children, have a look at these brochures.


Restoring Childhood is part of Berry Street’s Take Two therapeutic service and is funded by Family Safety Victoria.

Locations and how to access Restoring Childhood

Restoring Childhood is delivered in the following areas across Victoria:

  • Take Two stories

    Resolving unprocessed family violence trauma with butterfly hugs

    Benji* is in Grade 3. He has lived in 11 different places, been to 4 schools, and has been scared of his dad for as long as he can remember. Our Take Two team helped Benji process his trauma from family violence through a form of therapy over Zoom.

  • Take Two stories

    For some, Christmas isn’t merry and bright

    As we come towards the end of what has been a difficult year, school and kinder stop for holidays and there’s lots to do. While all this activity can be fun for some – and certainly many people feel like there’s extra to celebrate this year – for others it’s an extremely stressful and anxious time of the year.

  • Take Two stories

    Rupture, repair and building resilience in residential care

    All children deserve a safe home with adults who care about them. Unfortunately, there are lots of kids who end up living in residential care with paid carers rostered to come into the unit and look after them.

    However, for one 11-year-old that we’ve been working with, it’s been a positive place for him to live… temporarily.