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In 2023, you helped:

Impact 1
Impact 2

Logan top of the charts

In an amazing story of resilience, little Logan has made big progress since moving into a safe home and beginning therapy. We shared Logan’s story last year. At one stage Logan was running away from school. He was also lashing out at home by banging and crashing things around the house. And he struggled to concentrate and found school really overwhelming. This is because the trauma he experienced following past violence, abuse and neglect made it very hard for Logan to regulate his emotions.

But thanks to your support, Logan has responded so well to therapy that he’s better able to process hi trauma and his behaviour has totally transformed. This school term Logan was elected as Class President by his peers, which is such an achievement. He’s also top of his class which really demonstrates the amazing progress that Logan has made. Thanks to you Logan has been able to begin to recover from his trauma and is doing so well.

Spreading joy to kids in care

Throughout 2023, an amazing 4,000+ gifts were purchased for kids living in out-of-home care through our virtual gift catalogue, Gifts from the Heart.

For some children living in care, they’ve never received a gift before, so buying a Gift from the Heart has the power to make them feel super special.

Thank you so much to everyone who spread joy to vulnerable kids!

Pippa’s now at home

Thanks to our kind supporters, 10-year-old Pippa* was able to be placed in a kinship care placement with her 20-year-old brother, Kane.*

Kane* moved into his own place and was bravely able to take on the care of his little sister. They had both experienced the same traumatic home life and had spent time apart while in separate placements.

Your help has meant that Pippa was able to begin attending therapy, which has helped her greatly. She’s been able to start working through her past experiences and is doing well.

Now, she has a stable and safe place to live and is receiving therapy, which has had a really positive effect on her life.

Because of you, Pippa is now safe and stable and is able to work on overcoming her trauma.

* Name's have been changed to protect privacy. Models used are not connected to the story.