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Harper is back safe with her mum now – thanks to you!

We’re delighted to be able to share that little Harper* is now living with her mum.

And it’s thanks to all of our incredibly kind supporters.

Every gift helped make it possible for Harper and her mum to receive the care they needed to get to this point.

And it’s not only helping Harper – it's helping many other children and their families recover from the trauma of abuse and neglect.

Harper and her mum aren’t doing it alone. We’re still with them, you are still with them – giving them the intensive specialist support they still need to continue to recover and start to thrive. We are surrounding them with experts who know exactly how to help people who have experienced such trauma.

Harper is thriving. She loves packing her school bag every morning with a lunch box full of food, and she’s catching up in class. Her mum is back on track, putting in place all her new parenting and life skills, rebuilding her life with renewed confidence.

We’re so grateful to everyone who generously donated to help Harper recover from her experiences and we look forward to sharing more bright updates on little Harper’s progress.

Thank you so much for choosing to be a supporter of Berry Street.

Find out about the impact you’re making in the video below.

* Name's have been changed to protect privacy. Models used are not connected to the story.