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Together we have:

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provided two thousand six hundred and fifteen children and young people trauma-informed education services and help one thousand seven hundred and fifty one people start their journey to recovery from trauma
worked alongside eight hundred and thirty young people to support them to achieve their goals and helped three thousand three hundred and eighteen people through our community, parenting and family programs

Happy reunions for Georgia*, Antonio* and Katie*!

At Christmas time we shared the story of siblings Georgia, Antonio and Katie. Sadly, we couldn’t find a foster carer who could take all three siblings together and they had to be separated.

Happily, we’re delighted to share that we have been able to recruit and train a foster carer that can support the three of them together.

As Georgia and Katie were with one carer and Antonio with another, it was such a special moment when they first saw each other again.

Now they are all living under the same safe, loving roof. They can ride their bikes and scooters together and go and play on the playground. And they don’t have to worry about each other.

Thankfully, they can now focus on healing from the trauma they experienced at home which was compounded by the terrible trauma of being separated. Thanks to our generous supporters, Berry Street can help them through this too.

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* Name's have been changed to protect privacy. Models used are not connected to the story.