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Thank you

Your support is helping many children, young people and families be safe, hopeful and thriving.

Together we:

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provided two thousand six hundred and fifteen children and young people trauma-informed education services and help one thousand seven hundred and fifty one people start their journey to recovery from trauma
worked alongside eight hundred and thirty young people to support them to achieve their goals and helped three thousand three hundred and eighteen people through our community, parenting and family programs

Some very good news

You may have seen our recent appeal which told the story of Albie*, a little boy who experienced shocking abuse and neglect and was urgently in need of a safe home and specialised therapeutic support.

Thanks to support from generous donors like you, we have good news! Albie has been placed in a Teaching Family Model (TFM) home, where specially trained carers are on hand 24/7 to support Albie heal from his traumatic start to life.

His carers are working with his extended family, and his school in a team effort to support Albie’s healing. He’s learned many new skills, like how to regulate his emotions. He’s even joined a basketball team and started making friends. Something truly remarkable when you consider his rough start to life.

This is just the beginning for Albie, and thanks to your generosity, his future is looking bright.

This important work relies on the kindness and generosity of our supporters – thank you so much!

Together, we’re building happy futures

At Berry Street, we’re all about fostering and nurturing strong and happy families. That’s because we believe children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful. And so do you!

This belief drives our commitment to the Teaching Family Model – in a family-style setting, we support and care for children and young people who have experienced abuse, neglect and violence.

There are so many reasons to love family – here are what family means to you:

  • Love and being hugged, a warm home that is always welcoming
  • Laughter, welcome, acceptance, familiarity, belonging, connection, fun, football, sports, smiles, play, support, encouragement, music, love, memories
  • Family to me means having support from someone who loves and respects me - this may or may not be a relation
  • A family that will always be there when you need it
  • Support, security, friendship, guidance, love, challenging at times, a unique bond.

With your generous support this year, we can expand the Teaching Family Model so more children affected by trauma can have the happy futures they deserve in a family-style home.

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Your donation can help provide a safe home for children and young people

* Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The model pictured is not connected to the story.