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Ban it for Berry Street

challenge yourself so vulnerable children can thrive

Take on the challenge this August! Give up something you love so vulnerable children can have the support and care they need.

Life is especially challenging right now for children, young people and families experiencing violence and abuse. More children are being removed from their homes than ever before, and family violence is adding more trauma. But you can help children start to recover by taking on the Ban it for Berry Street challenge this August.

How it works

You can give up anything that suits you. This is your challenge, your way. You might want to ban chocolate, alcohol or sugar during August. Or you might need a break from social media scrolling or even late-night streaming. Choose any habit to kick for a month and ask your loved ones to support you in the challenge with a donation to Berry Street. And don’t stress – if you’ve got a special event or big celebration in August, you can buy a ‘cheat day’ to take a short break from the challenge.

Sign up by Wednesday 26 July 2023 to go in the draw for a $100 voucher from The Good Guys!

Raise funds in four simple steps

  1. Join the challenge: Sign up today and get ready to kick a habit this August
  2. Decide what to ban: Choose something you can give up for 31 days
  3. Ask for support: Share your page with friends, family and workmates
  4. Change lives: Share your stories and updates to raise funds and awareness

We'll support you along the way with encouragement, marketing tools, timely reminders, and fundraising tips.

Can’t do the challenge this August?

No worries! You can do the challenge whenever it suits you best. Some workplaces are jumping on board in September, while some others might take on the challenge early next year.

The main campaign is in August every year, but it’s your challenge your way, so feel free to make it work for you!

Got any questions? Please call us 1800 237 797 or email