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Help Chloe

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Chloe had suffered unimaginable trauma in her short life. Her foster family had to find a special way to tell her she was safe and loved.

In these unprecedented times, global experience during the pandemic has shown that with increased social isolation, family violence is likely to significantly increase and more children will need safe homes. We need your help to provide more children like Chloe* with safe, loving homes so they can recover from trauma.

Children like Chloe need your help

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Claire* and Steve* welcomed Chloe* into the family home, but Claire soon noticed that something wasn’t right. Chloe didn’t seem to hear Claire when she spoke to her. “We knew Chloe was impacted by the abuse and neglect she had suffered. I would say, ‘Chloe, sweetie, can I have a hug?’, and she wouldn’t even look up.” Chloe was subsequently diagnosed as profoundly deaf: she’d been living in a world of silence her entire life.

Claire and the family learned sign language so Chloe would know she was loved and cared for, and that she had no reason to be afraid anymore. This was their sign of love to Chloe and shows the complete devotion and dedication of our amazing foster carers, who always go the extra mile for children in their care.

Please show a sign of love today and help us to find, recruit and train more specialised foster carers to give children like Chloe suffering abuse and neglect, a safe and loving home.

I got everyone in the family learning sign language . We gave Chloe the support she needed to learn some basic signs herself. Sitting in the living room, all playing together, Chloe knew she was part of the family.

- Claire, Foster carer

Your gift can be the sign of love that children like Chloe need to know they are safe and loved.

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*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.