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Breaking the cycle for Katrina and Noah

a lady holding a baby

In the Mother Infant Village Katrina* and Noah* can stay in independent accommodation for 12 months while they have access to intensive therapeutic support, learn vital life skills and most importantly – feel safe.

Katrina will be in the best position to provide for her son and live a life that is not consumed by fear.

The residential village is a nurturing and supportive haven for victims and survivors of family violence. Katrina will have all the tools and opportunities she really needs in order to heal and recover.

Can you help be the village Katrina needs?

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Could help buy clothes and essentials for mothers and children fleeing family violence, often with nothing of their own.

Could help provide more accommodation at the MI Village so more mums like Katrina can give their children a safe and loving home.

Could help recruit specialist case workers and clinicians to provide educational and therapeutic support for mothers and children to help them recover from their trauma.

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Your donation can help give children a brighter future.

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Family and domestic violence is happening in every state and every town. It occurs across all ethnic and cultural groups, in all kinds of relationships and families.

Without professional support and intervention, family violence can have lasting impacts on a child’s life. Schooling and education, mental health, relationships and development can all suffer from the effects of family violence trauma.

At the Berry Street Mother Infant Village Katrina and Noah will have access to:

  • counselling from specialists in family violence
  • therapy support for mums and children
  • baby massage
  • cooking group
  • parenting skills
  • budget planning and financial advice
  • employment pathways
  • study and further education.

Together, we can provide life changing support for mums like Katrina, but we need your support.

Can you help mothers and children like Katrina and Noah heal from family violence?

a lady smiling at her baby lying down

Pregnant, scared and homeless. This is the position Katrina found herself in after fleeing her violent partner. She had nowhere to go. Desperate, she knew she must leave in order to give her baby the best chance at life. Katrina needed help.

Mothers and babies deserve a life free from violence and fear. They deserve to feel safe. Katrina found refuge in our Mother Infant village where she gave birth to a son, Noah.

However, Katrina and Noah need more than just a safe place to live. They need access to support and services that will enable them to heal from the trauma of family violence.

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.