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Help Liam find a safe and loving home in time for Christmas

portrait of young boy

Liam* is six and he’s dreading Christmas.

For children like Liam, Christmas Day can be one of the scariest days of the year, when family violence flares up.

Liam is in temporary accommodation but he needs your help to find a safe home. A home where he can wake up feeling loved and special on Christmas Day – and every day.

Will you please help by donating now?

You can help Liam find joy instead of fear this Christmas

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Can help provide Liam with the Christmas he dreams of in a safe foster home.

Can help recruit and train more dedicated foster carers to give other children like Liam security and love.

Can fund round-the-clock advice and support to help foster carers overcome the daily challenges of looking after children recovering from neglect and trauma.

Or your choice of a special gift.

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Your donation can help give children a brighter future.

Your donation can help us provide safe homes.

Your donation can help us recruit and train foster carers.

Or your choice of a special gift.

Liam needs your love and protection

Last year, Liam woke up on Christmas morning with a feeling of dread deep in his belly. He stayed under the covers in bed.

It wasn’t because today would be the same as any other day.

We know from our experience that family violence escalates at this time of year and Christmas Day is an awful, awful day for kids like Liam who face family violence.

Liam has somewhere safe to stay for now. But he needs so much more than temporary accommodation. He needs a home. He needs loving arms around him – not just at Christmas, but every day.

Your donation will help find Liam a safe and loving home in time for Christmas. Time is running out. Please donate now.

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The problem

Liam’s situation is all too common.

Every year more than 10,000 children in Victoria can’t live safely at home because of violence, neglect and abuse.

We’re expecting a further 4,500 children will need to leave their home due to the impact of COVID-19.**

These children deserve to be safe. Christmas should be a time of joy, not fear.

Children like Liam urgently need your help.

Your impact

In his new home, surrounded by a nurturing foster family, Liam will feel loved and special. He will finally have hope for the future.

He will finally experience a magical Christmas of joy, love and laughter, and have the chance to recover from his years of trauma.

Give the gift of hope and love this Christmas.

young boy smiling

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.

** Keeping families together through COVID-19: the strengthened case for early intervention in Victoria’s child protection and out-of-home care system