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Help Megan

Young girl with sad facial expression

With the added strain of lockdown, many families are coming apart at the seams. Without immediate intervention, children could have their future left in tatters. But you can help hold everything together – if you act right now.

In these unprecedented times, global experience during the pandemic has shown that with increased social isolation, families are coming under extra pressure, and existing trauma can be exacerbated. We need your help to provide more families like Megan’s* specialist family therapy to help them stay supported, together and safe.

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Megan’s* already been through so much suffering and pain in her fourteen years. She shouldn’t have to face it for her whole life. With your gift today, you can help prevent children like Megan* from getting trapped in a cycle of trauma and abuse. There is a crucial window of opportunity to intervene and prevent a family from coming apart at the seams.

Berry Street has introduced a specialist program to do just that. It’s a version of ‘family therapy’ and involves supporting the child in every part of their life – not just their family, but also with their friends and school. An expert therapist makes regular visits to their home, providing whatever support is needed to help the child and strengthen the whole family. The support is also there 24/7, over the phone.

Through lockdown, many families are feeling the strain, and the time to intervene is now. That’s why we need your help today.

“I wasn’t there to tell them what they were doing wrong,” says Natalie. “I just wanted to listen and observe, so I could build a full picture of areas where they were strong and areas that they needed to improve.”

– Natalie, family therapist

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Can help more families in need of family therapy.

Can help provide family therapists with ongoing specialist support.

Can help recruit and train more family therapists, needed now, more than ever.

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Can help give children a brighter future.

Can help us provide safe homes.

Can help us recruit and train foster carers.

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*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.