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Apologies to those who suffered harm in our care

Since 1877, many children and young people have been supported by Berry Street and our founding agencies, including Sutherland Homes and Lisa Lodge.

Through the courage of people prepared to tell their stories, we now know that our past practice was not always what we would have expected. Sadly, we know that some children and young people experienced abuse or neglect while in our care. For this we deeply and most sincerely apologise.

We are dedicated to learning lessons from the past, and commit ourselves to ensuring that everybody across the organisation will work together so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

An Apology to adults who suffered harm when they were in our care (2006)

An Apology for our part in the Stolen Generations (2006)

An Apology for harm caused by Forced Adoption (2013)

A revised Apology for our part in the Stolen Generations (2016)

A revised Apology to Forgotten Australians (2016)

A revised Apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities (2021)