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Berry Street’s purpose is to courageously change lives and reimagine service systems.

Our generous philanthropic partners are key to achieving this purpose. These partnerships allow us to respond to community needs in innovative ways, particularly as we reorient the child and family services system towards early intervention and prevention.

We are very grateful to our philanthropic partners who support Berry Street’s work and allow us to better meet the needs of children, young people and families.

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Philanthropic partnerships have helped the development and expansion of various Berry Street programs. These include:

The Pathways program supports students who are finishing their education at the Berry Street School to pursue further study and employment opportunities. For Michael Barr, Chairman of the Barr Family Foundation, the Pathways program struck a chord. With two of his children completing apprenticeships, Michael recognised some of the problems young people at our school could face.

During and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to provide care to children, young people and families. Protection of at-risk and traumatised children is classed as an essential service. Already vulnerable, these children, young people and families have additional stresses from external factors and are at increased risk due to isolation. Many of our workers are on the front line of care.

We continue to seek independent income from individuals and philanthropic bodies who are confident in Berry Street and want to partner with us to achieve change on a large scale.

Such funding enables us to:

  • pilot innovative approaches to service delivery
  • undertake research and evaluation
  • implement our advocacy agenda.

If you would like to know more about Berry Street’s response to the current crisis, or the immediate and emerging pressures on our services, please get in touch. Contact our Head of Philanthropy, Victoria Cosgrove, on 0497663659 or at


Thank you to our generous philanthropic partners over the 2021-22 financial year:

Adrian and Candice Field
Australian Communities Foundation
Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation
B B & A Miller Foundation
Bokhara Foundation
Brian M Davis Charitable Foundation
Brown Family Foundation
Cooper Investors
Dimmick Charitable Trust
E B Charitable Trust
Eirene Lucas Foundation
Elizabeth Lewis-Gray
Equity Trustees Limited
Fade To Black Foundation
Fiona Crosby
Frank Nagle
Gillian Dahlsen
Goodman Family Foundation
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
Jacobsen Family Foundation
James Kelly
James N. Kirby Foundation
Joan & John Grigg
John T Reid Charitable Trusts
Johnson Family Foundation
Kamener Foundation
Leo and Mina Fink Fund
Malcolm & Pat Chestney
Margaret S Ross AM
Mark Boughey
Mary & Graham Slade Family Foundation
MRB Foundation
Newsboys Foundation
Nigel & Patricia Peck Foundation
Parker Foundation
Peter Salisbury
Pettet Family Foundation
Lady Primrose Potter
Rita M Andre
RobMeree Foundation
Rose Robertson
Shalini Amukotuwa
Springboard Endowment
Susan Esselmont
The Antipodean Family Foundation
The Baker Foundation
The Charles Pellegrino Foundation
The Flora & Frank Leith Charitable Trust
The Gaudry Foundation
The Hoffman Foundation
The Michael Hurley and Eileen Sheehan Memorial Fund
The Miller Fund, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation
The Peel Fund, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation
Veith Foundation
Virginia Morrison
Ward-Ambler Foundation
Wendy Sammells