Our Vision is that all children have a good childhood, growing up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.

Our focus

We know that a good childhood is the foundation for a healthy society and that whilst parents have the primary responsibility to provide their children with a good childhood, they cannot do this alone.

All children have the same rights and fundamental need for safety, stability, love and support. The trauma experienced by the children and young people with whom we work adds complexity to meeting their needs, but we know it can be done and we never give up.

Berry Street will continue to focus in two main areas:

  • The rights of all children to a good childhood; and

  • Supporting those children, young people and families with the most complex issues arising from their personal experiences of abuse, neglect or violence.

In all that we do, we strive to:

Forge strong relationships with our service users and help restore a belief in themselves and their future – because we know that learning to trust again is the essential step in healing

Stick with these children, young people and their families – because we know that they have been let down far too often

Help children and young people recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect or violence – because we know that with support and opportunities, children and young people can reach their full potential

Look beyond challenging behaviour to identify and build on strengths – because we know every person has strengths that, if acknowledged, will provide a platform for healthy development

Include family members and other significant people in planning and caring for children and young people – because we know it is critical to strengthen connections and build positive relationships

Respect people’s culture and spiritual beliefs – because we know how important these can be in developing identity and a sense of self

Involve our service users in planning, decision making and the way we help meet their needs – because we know that taking control of their own lives builds resilience and independence

Acknowledge and promote the human rights of children and young people – because we know that a good childhood is every child’s birthright and that this means a better society for us all.

Berry Street believes that these principles are fundamental to healing and to positive social and emotional development for young people who have experienced abuse and neglect.


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