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Berry Street’s advocacy focuses on the need for more early intervention and prevention in the child and family services system. Investing in early intervention will help keep families together safely and support children and young people to reach their full potential.

In the Driving social change, together impact report, you’ll hear from a range of voices about the need for system reform and the importance of early intervention. It explores how we can reimagine the system, starting with recognising what isn’t working:

The first part of reimagining the system is to acknowledge the flaws in the current one. And then think about what could make it better.

Dr Jo Flynn Berry Street Board President

In the report, you'll find:

  • a discussion with Berry Street Board President, Dr Jo Flynn and CEO, Michael Perusco on why they both see early intervention as key
  • a summary of the research on early intervention
  • 2 profile pieces – one on Liana Buchanan, Victoria’s Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People and another on Jenny McNaughton, Berry Street Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Services - about what motivated them to work with vulnerable children, the critical need for systems change, and the need to listen and engage with children and young people
  • an exploration of early intervention research from the UK’s Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) and why it could provide the key to critical change in Australia
  • an interview with Bruce Bonyhady AM, a long-term Berry Street supporter, on his philanthropic journey
  • statistics and figures on the cost of late intervention and how philanthropy at Berry Street can help
  • an interview with one of our generous philanthropic partners, Melissa Duggan from The John and Betty Laidlaw Legacy, who aims to honour her parents’ legacy through giving.

Join us in driving social change, together.

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