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It has been a difficult start to the new year as we have watched devastating bushfires burn across much of Australia.

Berry Street has been focussed on supporting our service users and staff in the East Gippsland Region which has experienced extreme fires. Unfortunately, a number of young people, foster carers and employees have been impacted with some having to evacuate their homes. It has been a deeply concerning start to our bushfire season and our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected.

Natural disasters, including bushfires, can have a traumatic effect on children and young people. Emerging Minds offers some valuable resources to help you support them in the aftermath. Please refer to the links below.


Immediate support after a disaster or traumatic event video

This video provides advice on how to appropriately support children in the first 4 weeks following a traumatic event.

Supporting children after natural and human-induced disasters webinar

This webinar offers specific interventions on supporting the developmental needs of children following community trauma.

Disaster preparedness, myths and programs that hold promise podcast

This podcast talks about how to involve children in disaster preparedness as well as some of the misconceptions children may have about disasters.

More foster carers urgently needed in Victoria

Source: Child protection Australia 2018-19, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

*Including children in permanent care.