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Image via Shepparton News

Danny and his partner Kylie, who live in Shepparton, became foster carers with Berry Street in 2020.

They have cared for one child so far, a young boy who got along famously with their nine-year-old son Rylan.

“As soon as he arrived at our home he fitted right in,” said Danny, “Rylan even started calling him his little brother.”

Danny said, “On his second day with us it was his birthday so we quickly organised a Spiderman cake and had a little dress up party for him. Just something to make him feel special.”

Becoming a foster carer has made Danny appreciate the way he was raised and he wants to give children in need a safe home where they can heal.

I look forward to caring for more children in the future, helping them learn and grow into good people.


From the start Berry Street have been on hand to ease them into becoming carers.

“Our case manager is always available and checks in to make sure we’re ok,” said Danny, “They even lent us a car seat for the young boy in our care.”

For anyone thinking about becoming a foster carer Danny is encouraging, “Just do it. It just becomes part of your life and the result is that kids get to live safely in a loving home. It makes your life and their life better.”

A little of your time can change an entire life.

Foster caring is one of the most meaningful and vital contributions you can make to our community.

There are many options to caring for a child including providing emergency accommodation, respite care, or regular, ongoing care. If you’d like to know more about becoming a carer please register your interest.

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