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Travelling with a child in your care isn't just about reaching a destination; it's about making lasting memories and nurturing a sense of adventure.

Our previous blog explored how foster carers at Berry Street embraced the joy of holidaying with the children and young people they support. Now, let's dive into four simple tips to prepare a child or young person in foster care for travel these summer holidays.

Discover how to make travel more than just a trip by fostering excitement, cultural awareness, and empowerment in the young people you care for. From involving them in travel planning to embracing new cultures, packing bags together, and turning travel days into a part of the holiday, we hope these tips will help guide you on your next adventure.

1. Build excitement by including the child in your travel planning

Share your plans with the child or young person in your care, including how you are travelling to your destination and how long the journey will take. Show them pictures of where you are travelling and get them involved to help plan some of the holiday activities that you might all do together. Prepare them for where they will be sleeping. If you’re camping, consider pitching the tent in the yard for a night and doing a home sleepover.

2. Learn about your destination’s culture and customs

If you are travelling internationally, spend some time talking about the country you’re going to be visiting. Learn about the people, culture and customs and what sights, smells and sounds they can expect. You can even cook a few dishes from the cuisine at home or practice some phrases and words in the local language.

3. Start packing your bags early

Get the child or young person involved in the packing process, empowering them to choose what clothes and any other special items they’d like to pack. Check that any items such as swimwear or goggles fit the child and if not, get them involved in selecting a new set. Make sure to pack a few personal items for the child that will bring them comfort in the unfamiliar environment, such as a clean blankie or teddy bear.

4. Make a plan for travel days

Travelling to your holiday destination is exciting, but it can also be uneventful and sometimes tedious. If the child in your care has never been on a holiday, travel days could be a little overwhelming. Help the child or young person in your care to choose their activities, like a new colouring book, game or toy for the journey. Pack lots of snacks and water – some healthy and some not-so-healthy – for the trip! Plan out stops and breaks to rest and stretch little legs. And make the journey part of the holiday, stopping off at local sights.

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