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For Holly’s 11th birthday, instead of getting birthday presents, she decided to fundraise for Berry Street. Holly asked her friends and family to buy a gift from her personalised gift catalogue to help a child in need.

I will never forget my 11th birthday – it was really special to me.


Holly found out about Berry Street when her class was asked to research a charity and present back to everyone.

“We had to choose a charity, research all about it, write a speech and then present it in front of all of our class. I was looking for a foster care organisation because I really can’t imagine how hard it must be for kids who have to go into foster care. I loved researching Berry Street and all the amazing work they do,” Holly said.

In the lead up to her birthday she decided that she didn’t want presents this year but there were children out there that have very little and she could help.

“I am really lucky. I thought it would be good to give to kids who aren’t getting many presents right now. I thought they would love them more than I would. I kind of liked the idea of making them part of my birthday,” Holly thoughtfully said.

Setting up her own personalised gift website was really easy and her mum, Susie, was there to support her.

“I was very proud of Holly for choosing to support a charity rather than wanting birthday presents. Setting up the website was very straightforward. I loved that there were many items of differing value so each guest could choose how much they wished to donate without any pressure,” Susie said.

Holly found tracking the donations really fun too. “I loved watching the donations on my website – growing every day - and seeing that all my friends were so keen to help. It felt great knowing that these items would go to children who were having a tough time away from their parents,” she said.

“Her family and friends embraced the idea with great enthusiasm – and it made many of us think about what is really important,” Susie proudly adds.

The experience was a really positive one for Holly and her friends.

“Holly learnt a great deal, not just about setting up her own website but also about how good it feels to give to others,” said Susie.

Here at Berry Street, we’re very proud of Holly for swapping presents for donations for vulnerable children.

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