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Will you step in and create happy futures for Victoria’s most vulnerable children?

Berry Street desperately needs to expand our Teaching Family Model, a special out-of-home care program for kids who’ve experienced severe trauma and abuse. We’re the only accredited provider in Australia and it’s important we reach more kids to give them the support they need.

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Can help give Albie special items to make feel him safe and secure.

Can help recruit and train more Teaching Family Model carers.

Can help expand the Teaching Family Model to more children like Albie.

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Your donation can help give children a brighter future.

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Help Albie get all the love and support he needs for a happy future

Report after report has shown that many children in residential care are not getting the intensive support they need, damaging their chances of a healthy, happy future.

That’s why Berry Street is committed to the Teaching Family Model which is:

  • a new way of helping children recover from the trauma they have experienced
  • the only evidence-based model of residential care for children worldwide.

But we can’t do this without donor support. We need you to step in to help bring this new type of care to more kids who need it.

Will you help us create happy futures?

Giving Albie the future he deserves

Alone in a locked room, little Albie* had no one. No feed, water or even access to a bathroom. The only person who ever opened the door was violent and abusive.

Child Protection removed Albie from that terrible situation so he’s out of harm’s way. But he needs intensive support in a special family environment to recover.

In a Teaching Family Model home, Albie will live alongside several other children in a family-style home supported by carers who are accredited and trained to care for children who’ve experienced severe trauma.

Here Albie will:

  • learn to trust again and find new ways to respond

  • take part in family meetings, where he can make decisions about how the home is run and his day to day life

  • learn problem solving and negotiating skills so he can manage challenging situations

  • be showered with lots of warm praise to boost his confidence and self-esteem.

Albie’s carers will work closely with his teachers, so he can return to school.

And, as Albie learns to regulate his emotions and start to trust again, there will be regular visits (and cuddles) with his Grandpa too.

Will you step in now and give Albie the future he deserves?

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.