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Reimagine the future for Ben

Can you help reimagine the future for children like Ben*?

Ben is only 9 years old. He has lived in five foster homes and moved between four different schools. Having experienced terrible abuse and neglect in his short life, he now needs a range of supports to help him recover and thrive into the future.

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Can help provide a safe home for children like Ben with trained carers.

Can help provide crucial therapeutic services to support children to process their trauma.

Can help ensure children affected by trauma stay engaged at school.

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Your donation can help give children a brighter future.

Your donation can help us provide safe homes.

Your donation can help us recruit and train foster carers.

Or your choice of a special gift.

Children like Ben need various supports in order to recover and thrive into the future.

Providing children with a safe home, having access to therapy so they can process their experiences, making sure children remain engaged at school as well as breaking the cycle of family violence helps to give children the best chance at a better future.

We need your help!

Donate by 23 March to have your donation doubled!

Trauma, neglect and abuse may be more common than you think.

1 in every 32 kids is involved with Child Protection. That’s an average of 1 in every classroom.

The cycle of trauma continues to impact the next generation if children are not helped to recover.

Your kindness can help children like Ben have access to all the things that give them the best possible chance to have a bright future, including:

A safe home: being placed in out-of-home care, out of harm’s way, with trained carers.

A thriving school environment: The Berry Street Education Model and Berry Street School provide children affected by trauma a learning environment that is best placed to meet their complex needs.

Support in addressing family violence: Through programs like Restoring Childhood, your support can help children like Ben and their caregivers make sense of the trauma they have experienced, so they can recover and feel safe again.

A bright future: The evidence-based, world-leading services provided by our Take Two program engage all the people and systems around a child to support their recovery.

With your help and support, children like Ben can recover from trauma and lead healthy, happy lives.

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.

Donations will be matched until we reach $200,000, after this, donations will continue to be accepted but will not be matched unless we receive further funds from generous matching partners.