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In support of one of the overarching goals in our Reconciliation Action Plan - Cultural Safety - Berry Street continues to address racism in the workplace and acknowledge racism in society more broadly.

As part of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan our staff are exploring:

  • prevalence of racism today
  • challenging racist attitudes
  • white privilege and white supremacy
  • continuing conversations on racism with peers and family members.

Supporting Anti-Racism at Berry Street

As Berry Street continues to grow and mature on its journey towards reconciliation, it is important to keep the momentum going and not wait until significant events to ignite the conversation.

We have formed a Supporting Anti-Racism ‘Team’ at Berry Street where nearly 200 staff members come together in order to:

  • learn and educate
  • sit with the discomfort
  • hold others and oneself to account
  • commit to anti-racist work
  • share empathy, grief and outrage
  • reflect
  • allow personal time process information
  • support others
  • use their voice
  • learn from mistakes
  • stay aware
  • support Black businesses.

We recognise that all people have a right to live a life free of racial discrimination and that it is not the responsibility of people experiencing racism to educate others. Berry Street will continue to raise consciousness that leads to action. We believe in justice and equity for all.