Foster Care & Kinship Care

Foster and Kinship care are ways of providing family life for a child in your own home when they are unable to live with their birth family. As a carer, you can make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable children.
In Victoria, the number of children who cannot live safely at home has risen every year over the last ten years. Traumatised and neglected children need carers to provide a safe and nurturing home. With your help they can heal and look forward to the future.

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The need for carers in Victoria is rising:

Nearly 9,000 children cannot safely live with their own parents.

This equates to 6.6 children in every 1,000.

Since 2011, this number has increased by 50.9% in Victoria vs. a 15.3% increase nationally.

46% of all Australian children going into care are under 5 years old.

Become a Foster Carer

No matter what your age, maritial status or sexual orientation, Berry Street is looking for people just like you who can care for a vulnerable child or young person. If you are over 21 and can offer a safe and nurturing home environment, we welcome your application. 

Learn more about your eligibility to become a foster carer by reading our Foster Care FAQs. Take the first step today by submitting an online enquiry, or registering for an information session near you.

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Not ready to Foster?

Your donation can help provide vital carer training and support so we can ensure a good childhood for vulnerable children like John.

Read our Carer stories:

Foster Carer Pam

Carers like Pam provide a safe and caring home together with the right therapeutic support, giving children the best chance to heal and recover from difficult past experiences.

Carers Matt and Harrison

“I think it’s the best thing we’ve done and love the kids in our care. As carers, we’re seen as part of the team at Berry Street - they respect our opinions and we feel valued”

Carers Kate and Julie

Berry Street welcomes carers from all backgrounds, cultures and experiences - married, single or same sex couples.

Carer Christine

"The children that come into our care have often missed out on very basic needs. It is remarkable the difference a hug, a listening ear, a bath, a meal, and a bed can make."

Could you open your heart and home?

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 Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Foster Care are outlined here.

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