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When Bella’s mother Erin was eight months pregnant with her baby sister, Erin was assaulted so badly that her hip was broken. Bella came to Berry Street showing significant signs of trauma from witnessing the severe, ongoing violence towards her mother. Her confusion and fear were overwhelming.

Berry Street provided an immediate crisis response to Erin as she decided to leave her partner, and our trained counsellors worked with Bella and Erin to understand the effects of the trauma they had experienced. The generosity of our donors means that we can continue providing these vital services to keep children like Bella safe and help her recover from trauma.

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Eve’s childhood up to the age of six was not what any child should have to endure. She woke screaming and wet as she relived the traumas of her early years, where violence and neglect were commonplace. Her frail body showed the ravages of a life where safety didn’t exist, and meals and hygiene were secondary, if thought of at all.

Eve’s foster family has given her security, love and all the support and encouragement they can. Thanks to Berry Street monthly supporters, Eve and countless children like her can look forward to being a child, having fun and feeling safe.

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Help kids learn to trust again, have fun, build their confidence and develop lasting friendships.

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Get Involved - Foster and Kinship Care
Could you open your heart and home to a vulnerable child? As a foster carer, you can help make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children who are unable to live with their own families.
Eve's Story - Donation
Thanks to regular supporters, countless children like her can look forward to being a child again, having fun and feeling safe. You can help children recover by making a monthly gift today.
Berry Street needs to provide safe homes to an increasing number of children who have experienced trauma and abuse. Give a special gift to a child in need.
Get Involved - BerryFun

Our community fundraising program is a rewarding way for individuals, families and workplaces to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children impacted by from trauma, abuse and neglect.

Corporate Opportunities
Working in partnership with Berry Street can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping children and young people, and there are many innovative ways that your company or organisation can get involved.
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Whether you’re a walker, jogger or dedicated runner, there’s an event to suit any ability!

Berry Street Trek for Young Australians - Larapinta Trek 2019
This incredible adventure in the heart of the Australian Outback is a challenge like no other.
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Celebrate your birthday, wedding, Bar Mitzvah or other special occasion by making a unique and lasting gift.

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Giving a donation in memory of a loved one is a lasting and rewarding way to honour a person’s life.