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Find the Berry Street Education Model resources that will support you to put the dual aims of learning and wellbeing at the forefront of all practice.

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The BSEM Alumni Community is a digital space where you can share ideas and content. We also encourage you to share adaptations of our strategies for specific challenges in your school.

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The BSEM four-day course is the foundation training to bring the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) into your classroom and whole-school.

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Take the BSEM foundation course

Complete the BSEM foundation training through our public courses or on-site training at your schools.

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Become a member

Upon commencing our four-day course, you will be invited to join our online Alumni community.

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Access the hub

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Stamina and engagement
General BSEM


Supporting students to be Ready to Learn through strategies that build self-regulation when learning.

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Brain Breaks

Created by Naomi Keath (classroom teacher at the Berry Street School), these Brain breaks have been tried and tested for you!


Here's what educators say about BSEM

  • Keller Road Primary School

    'It’s been six years since the school implemented the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM), and when it comes to trauma-informed, strength-based practice, their motto is now: “It’s just what we do!”'

  • Kelso State School

    'Supporting our little fellas’ bodies and building strong positive relationships is the heart of my culture and fittingly the first two domains in the Berry Street Education Model.'

  • Monterey Secondary College

    'Learning gains after implementing BSEM are particularly significant for students who have previously struggled to achieve, reporting up to two-years of literacy growth in just one-academic year.'

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Let’s help all students succeed

Help all students succeed with the Berry Street Education Model and build a school of choice for students, parents and teachers alike.

“The BSEM Alumni Resource Hub provides us with the tools and resources to assist with the implementation of the Berry Street Education Model.”