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Clare* is a young mum living in the regional Victorian town of Morwell.

She has faced many challenges throughout her life. Sadly, her mother passed away when Clare was only a teenager. This meant that she had to learn how to live independently at a young age, and that she would have more caring responsibilities with her 4 younger siblings.

A few years later, Clare had her first child. During her second pregnancy, she was experiencing her own health complications when her eldest had to be unexpectedly hospitalised. These events put great pressure on Clare, both financially and emotionally.

While supporting her siblings and her own children, paying for professional driving lessons was out of her reach. After paying for essentials like food and school supplies, there wasn’t any additional money left over.

Clare’s other family members didn’t have the capacity or resources to teach her how to drive.

Driving brings independence

Clare first heard about the TAC L2P program through a local support service. Offered through Berry Street, L2P is a volunteer-supported program that helps young learner drivers get the 120 driving hours needed for a probationary licence.

The challenges of looking after so many children in a regional area had become overwhelming. Clare’s strongest motivation was the desire to support her family: she knew that being able to drive would bring her more independence and the ability to get around without relying on public transport or family.

Clare drove regularly with her mentor Jodie, and took every opportunity to gain experience.

Clare displays such resilience. She is a funny, caring and generous young woman. I really enjoyed her company and have many fond memories of the hours we spent together. It was such a rewarding experience: as a mentor I looked forward to our drives.

Jodie L2P program mentor

On the road and supporting her family

Clare was thrilled when she got her probationary licence! Now that Clare can easily get to health appointments and run errands (like school pick up and drop off), she feels better able to support her young family.

Clare and Jodie built a strong bond, and are still in regular contact with each other.

Clare’s experience was so positive that her younger sister is also learning how to drive through L2P!

Having a driver’s licence is something many of us take for granted. For young people in regional areas, the freedom that driving brings often means they can continue studying and maintain their jobs.

Get involved

Do you live in Morwell or Shepparton and want to give back to your local community? You can support young learner drivers by volunteering as a driver mentor in the TAC L2P Program.

Learn more ways you can get inloved

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy. The models and volunteers pictured are not connected to the case study.