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Counselling or psychotherapy sessions ─ with the active involvement of carers ─ can be extremely helpful for babies, children and young people who have experienced neglect or abuse.

However, for a child to learn to trust that adults will look after them, those sessions need to be reinforced. Small, easy-to-do, repeated and regular moments can be created in everyday activities to remind the child that their caregiver genuinely cares about them and will look after them.

Jen Willis interviewed Berry Street’s Take Two Clinical Practice Development Consultant Kat Wood about how caregivers can create those therapeutic moments at home with children who have experienced developmental trauma.

Berry Street’s Take Two service is site-certified in Dr Bruce D. Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT). The NMT Metrics are clinical assessment and intervention-planning tools that support practitioners working with infants, children and young people who have experienced abuse, neglect and other traumas.

Take Two is a Victoria-wide therapeutic service helping to address the impact on children of the trauma they have experienced from abuse, neglect or adverse experiences.

Take Two can provide specialist clinical consultancy services to other organisations – including NMT secondary secondary consultations. Contact us for more information.