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The Teaching Family Model (TFM) is an innovative type of care, giving children who are experiencing trauma the intensive support they need to recover and ultimately thrive.

As the only evidence-based model of residential care in the world, TFM is proven to be highly effective. We’re the sole accredited provider of the Teaching Family Model in Australia, and we’re regularly assessed to ensure that we’re maintaining the highest standards.

Transitioning to the Teaching Family Model has provided us with a greater level of support for each residential home and every carer, who really need a lot of training and coaching to support our young people.

Frances Head Assistant Director Teaching Family Model, Berry Street

Teaching Family Model provides safety and stability for children in care

For children and young people who’ve experienced significant and repeated trauma, traditional out-of-home care, such as foster care and residential care, doesn’t always provide the right specialist support.

In a Teaching Family Model home, a child or young person lives alongside other young people in a family-style setting with round-the-clock support from highly skilled carers.

This trauma-informed approach to out-of-home care helps children learn to trust again and to find new ways to respond, by observing and imitating others. The focus on building their strengths, problem-solving and leadership skills means they can grow their confidence and reach their full potential.

The Teaching Family Model has given us more tools in our toolkit; there is always something we can try and a specific way to approach each behaviour. This creates safety and stability for both the young people and the carers because they know how to respond in each situation.

Frances Head

Teaching Family Model carers go through intensive training to help children in our homes:

  • learn how to form healthy family relationships and improve their social skills
  • identify the main triggers that cause them stress so they can better manage their emotions

We focus on building skills and relationships in our Teaching Family Model homes, because we know that the two together provide more than the usual relational approach.

Frances Head

Help the Teaching Family Model reach more children affected by trauma

We’ve already seen many positive impacts and significant improvements among children and young people in our TFM homes, including reduced trauma symptoms, as well as improved behaviour and school attendance, so they can start to learn, and thrive.

Now we need to expand the model as soon as possible, so more children and young people across Victoria can experience the life-changing benefits. But we really need your help to step in and make that happen.

Donate by 30 June and your tax-deductible gift will help give Victorian children and young people intensive support in a special family environment so they can heal from their trauma.