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At Berry Street, we believe in the strength of collective action. The Change Collective unites passionate organisations, pooling charitable contributions for transformative social change. With a greater financial investment, we can collectively tackle some of the most pressing social issues more effectively.

Join the Berry Street Change Collective and drive impactful social initiatives that resonate with the evolving expectations of your socially conscious consumers.

Why join the Change Collective?

Join the Change Collective and directly contribute to reshaping our community. Address family violence, heal trauma, provide safe homes, deliver trauma-informed education, and offer proactive care for families and communities.

Your participation in the Collective is more than a donation; it’s a commitment to being part of the solution. Together, we can transform our community to ensure a safe, thriving, and hopeful future for all.

Benefits of joining the Change Collective

The Change Collective offers measurable benefits beyond traditional philanthropy or corporate partnerships, such as enhancing customer loyalty, boosting employee morale, and improving brand reputation.

As a Change Collective member or Changemaker, you'll have access to exclusive perks to amplify your organisation’s commitment to driving positive social change.

Access a bespoke staff learning opportunity to foster staff engagement and retention, ensuring your team is aligned with your commitment to positive change.

Actively broadcast your organisation’s commitment to driving positive social change with exclusive branding materials, enhancing your brand and fostering customer loyalty.

Receive a report on the transformative impact of your involvement. Share it with your staff, board and customers to enhance your organisation’s credibility and trust.

Connect with like-minded businesses dedicated to positive social change, expanding your network and building valuable partnerships.

Gain access to thought-provoking content, special events and insights, including events with Berry Street thought leaders and updates tailored for Changemakers.

Align your organisation with our growing community of engaged supporters, with well-deserved recognition of your support across our channels.

Join the Change Collective

Your involvement in the Change Collective is a powerful investment in both societal and corporate change. Join us today to drive genuine, measurable impact in our community. Fill out the form below to start your journey toward positive social change.

How our social change initiative works

Commit to positive change

Your charitable donation will be pooled with others' contributions for greater impact.

Make an impact

The Change Collective strategically allocates funds to address critical social issues, such as combating family violence.

Access exclusive benefits

Amplify your commitment through a range of benefits, including staff engagement opportunities and branding materials.

Reshape our community

Your contribution, along with that of other socially conscious businesses, will help address some of the most pressing social issues of our time.

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The change you can make

Berry Street exists to help those experiencing poverty, violence and abuse. Across all our services we see the increased impact of social and financial pressures, family violence and worsening mental health. Children and young people who are struggling at school continue to be left behind. The number of children removed from their homes by child protection continues to increase.

It is time for change. But we can’t do it alone – it is through the power of partnerships with people and organisations like you that we’ll be able to have a meaningful positive impact in our communities.

Family violence is more prevalent now than ever. Too many women suffer in silence due to fear. The journey towards justice and protection for victim survivors is long, but I remain hopeful. It is imperative for society to confront the scourge of family violence and take collective action now.

Jenny McNaughton Berry Street Deputy CEO

Shaping social responsibility

In today's consumer landscape, Australians increasingly support organisations dedicated to social causes.

With 37% of Millennials actively choosing socially aligned companies and 76% advocating for businesses to partner with charities, the demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) is evident.

Seize this unique opportunity to align your organisation with positive change, showcasing your commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

Contact us

Contact Christopher MacLeod, Corporate Relations Manager on how to join the Change Collective.

Chris Web
Corporate Relations Manager

Christopher MacLeod

P: 0484 075 369