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Tax deductible donation calculator

Maximise Your Impact: Use our calculator to see how much you can save with your Berry Street donation

Did you know that you can claim a tax deduction when you donate to registered charities like Berry Street? Find out how much you could save while supporting vulnerable children, young people and families.*


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Maximise the value of your donation today

Berry Street is deductible gift recipient (DGR), which means we are an organisation that can receive tax deductible gifts. Any donations you make to Berry Street over $2 are tax deductible.

A donation to Berry Street means you are helping children, young people and families to receive vital services like trauma therapy, a safe home to live in, family violence services and trauma-informed education. We are educating, supporting and caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our community every day - which is only possible with the support of people like you.

What you’re supporting with a donation to Berry Street

As one of Australia's largest independent family service organisations, donations from our supporters help vulnerable children, young people and families in our community to be safe, thriving and hopeful.

By donating to Berry Street you help us provide vital services for children, families and young people. Specifically, we work to do the following:

Heal trauma

We provide support through evidence-based services so that children can recover from trauma and lead healthy, happy lives. Our state-wide therapeutic service, Take Two, helps to address the mental health impacts on children of the trauma they have experienced from abuse, neglect or adverse experiences.

Address family violence

We are working to end family violence and ensure that everyone experiencing it can access support and safety. We help children and their caregivers make sense of their trauma, so they can recover and feel safe again.

Provide safe homes

We provide safe homes for children who are unable to live safely with their families. This includes foster care, kinship care, residential care and for children and young people who’ve experienced significant and repeated trauma, the innovative Teaching Family Model.

Provide trauma-informed education

Through the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) and the Berry Street School, we are reimagining the Australian education system. The Berry Street School uses a trauma-informed approach to support students with a history of adverse childhood experiences who are at risk of disengaging from their education. The Berry Street Education Model is training teachers in trauma-informed, strengths-based education, providing a sense of safety and connection to improve wellbeing and academic outcomes for all students.

Proactive care for families and communities

We aim to provide proactive care and support for children and families before they reach crisis point through our early intervention programs, so they can create safe homes and remain connected with their communities.

Your support can make a difference

Thanks to the generosity of wonderful Berry Street donors, we are able to provide vital services so that families have the support to stay together safely, and children and adults have the chance to recover from violence and trauma.


The Australian Tax Office provides incentive for people to donate to charities by making donations tax deductible. This means that donations you make to registered charities like Berry Street, which are deductible gift recipients (DGR), can be claimed as a deduction when submitting your tax return at the end of the financial year.

Australian businesses that donate to deductible gift recipients like Berry Street can claim charity donations as a tax deduction just as individuals can.

When making a donation to a deductible gift recipient (DGR), like Berry Street, donors can deduct the amount of their donation from their taxable income when they lodge their tax return.

When you make a donation of more than $2 online, we will send you a receipt via email on the same day. If you are a monthly supporter, you will receive an Annual Tax Statement at the end of the financial year which you can use when preparing your tax return. You can find more information about the rules and guidelines for tax deductible donations by visiting the ATO website.

To calculate the impact a donation can have on your tax return, you can use Berry Street’s simple and free tax calculator.

*This table is based on 2022-2023 ATO resident individual Income Tax rates. The above rates do not include the Medicare Levy of 2%. This information and table are for general purposes only and should not be relied on or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to your personal circumstances.