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Did you know that Saver Plus is Australia's largest and longest-running financial education and matched savings program?

Saver Plus is a free 10-month program offered to lower-income families to help them budget, learn healthy savings habits and save for future education costs.

During the program, participants save $50 a month to go towards school costs such as uniforms, books, laptops, and sport fees. Once they complete the program, their savings are matched by ANZ (up to $500).

It is never too early to start saving

With the new school year well underway, the Berry Street Saver Plus team are encouraging families to enrol in the program now.

“Back to school is always an expensive time of year for families,” said Sharon Wandin, Berry Street’s Saver Plus Program Manager.

“By joining Saver Plus today, you’re ensuring that you’ll have the savings to assist with your education costs in 2023. It's never too early to start saving!” said Sharon.

More than 5,000 participants have successfully completed the Saver Plus program through Berry Street, saving more than $3.6 million, with a further $2.96 million in matched savings from ANZ.

Saver Plus participants save for a rainy day

As part of the Saver Plus program, participants attend financial education workshops to improve their money management skills – and many go on to establish a lasting savings habit.

“I loved that after the first couple of months I forgot about the money that was coming out of my account, so when it came time for the matched savings it was a real pleasant surprise!” said Michelle, a Saver Plus participant in Greater Shepparton.

“I have continued to direct debit the amount each fortnight into my Saver Plus account so that I have something there for a rainy day. Thank you Saver Plus!”

Berry Street partners with Saver Plus program for 19th year

Since the program launched in 2003, Berry Street has partnered with The Brotherhood of St Laurence and ANZ to deliver the Saver Plus program across Victoria.

“Berry Street is proud of the ongoing partnership it has with both the Brotherhood of St. Laurence, the ANZ and the Saver Plus program. Berry Street believes in children, young people, families, and their future. Our partnership with the Saver Plus program continues to support our ethos,” said Michael Perusco, Berry Street CEO.

The Saver Plus program has helped more than 50,000 Australians to save $26 million, on top of which ANZ has also provided $21 million in matched funding for participants to put towards their children’s or their own education costs.

About Saver Plus

To find out how you, or one of your clients, can join the Saver Plus program visit our website or phone 1300 610 655.